If it's a choice of product then its Morgan's Pomade for Lee.. 

He has Joined Morgans Pomade as there Global Ambassador because of its wide range of grooming produts for men and with his internationl travel enables him to spread the values of the product wordwide ..

Morgans has a product for every hair creation and any lifestyle

Award winning manufacturer

Producer of the highest quality men's hair, beard, shave and spa products

*Approved by British Master Barbers

*Extensive range of women's hair and beauty products

*Award winning products

*Traditionally established globally recognised

*Supporting British manufacturing at its best



It all started out in the kitchen of the family home. Manufacturing, labelling and  packaging were all done by hand. The first product formulated and produced was a shampoo known as the ‘Marie Antoinette Eucalyptus Egg Julep Shampoo’ and this was followed a year or two later by Morgan’s Pomade.

At first there was little time available to devote to sales, but as the products sold, the good news travelled fast. Fashion and style conscious men began to try Morgan’s and quickly discovered how effective it was


andis ambassador for

It's always exciting when you take on a challenging role with a joint relationship such as Andis and 
I love useing the best tools I can afford and it just so happens that Andis are my out and out favourites..

Nearcut Ambassador

Working with appointments is essential in this day and age at the moment and Nearcut are able to offer me the essential back up i require for my appointment schedule, Impressed with the way we both work together and have the same vision we decided to use all our skill sets and work closer together as an ambassodor in Europe and help develop a barbers needs to more reality. 

- About me -

Lee Channon Master Barber

Lee has been barbering for over 30 years and some of his clients include legendary Braulio Estima "world BJJ (ADCC) multiple world champion, and World famous UFC Referee Marc Goddard "a true ledgend"  He is the founder of Fade Barbers in the UK and Lee Channon Master Barber In Estonia.


Lee Channon British Master Barber @ Tartu mnt 24 Tallinn 10115, Tallinn


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